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First Time Bottoming
Views: 223 · Added: 16 days ago

There's this guy (40 years old) that sucked me off and gave me a rimjob and I sucked as well... First time I've ever done anything with a guy before. I know he wants to have sex and I want to try bottoming but im still not sure... Especially for my first time and if its gonna hurt and all that stuff...

Any Advice guys?

New to GBT
Views: 150 · Added: 16 days ago

Hello everyone, Been watching videos on here for a year or two. Now I joined. I love this site. Hope to meet some new friends here. Thanx Darby

Views: 108 · Added: 16 days ago

just going to make my brekkie; burger, egg, black pudding, a little beans on the side, toast and a nice pot of tea. what do you eat or like in the mornings, you are welcome round anytime, and I will share my breakfast with you all. love scott

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Views: 111 · Added: 17 days ago

I wonder where I'm going? I suddenly feel lost and stupid, after 8 days of extreme sexual excitation and enthusiasm. Little down after the high, like if the party was ending. After a long dream, Reality is quite depressing. I think I should go on and make a new fetish vid, to renew the pleasure I experienced at first, but could it work again? Maybe the solution for me is to go deeper and deeper into fetishism and masochism, till I'll be like an animal, a pet-dog, totally whipped out of my mind and my self. Maybe it's not a good idea. I have a very good life, earn money, have nice and intelligent friends, easily find someone who fucks me when I want to, I'm a very lucky guy, nevertheless I desperately whish I could be anyone else. It's time for shooting a new vid.

Congratulations tolead/Thomas
Views: 240 · Added: 17 days ago

1100 days on GBT

Views: 188 · Added: 17 days ago

haven't blogged in awhile. this thought in in my mind. when you ride your partner with him on bottom, but he is in you feel like you're fuking him, even though you are bottoming? do you ever ride him to the point you feel like you are fuking his brains out. i refer to it as "fuking yourself." so go fuk yourself this weekend and remember it was my idea.

Views: 62 · Added: 17 days ago

hi .. i like talk and trade in skype.

my skype adress is in my profil.

vicktorduquartier vicktor alonso rio de janeiro
Views: 64 · Added: 17 days ago

whatsapp ? skype ? with me / Comigo.

Views: 514 · Added: 17 days ago

HI guys just wondering anyone knows any good sites or videos to see young smooth boys getting topped? pref by older guy or just 2 boys fine by me :) if anyone shares the same thing i do would love t0 hear from you :)

Views: 82 · Added: 17 days ago

Some where some one gets to see this in real life while on his boat

How do homophobes physically react to gay porn?
Views: 88 · Added: 18 days ago

A scientific study of str8 male homophobes reaction to gay porn and non-homophobic str8 males...interesting conclusion.

Driving and Cumming!!
Views: 250 · Added: 18 days ago

Haha... ok its a little emberassing! A few days ago, after driving for several hours and suffering from extreme boredom, I slowly unzipped my pants and began to stroke my uncut dick while going 75 miles per hour! When I came I moaned so loud because the thrill was unimaginatively amazing, so much adrenaline, so much cum, pleasure, and squirts!

Have you ever masterbated while driving? Received a blow job while driving? Sex in a moving car? How did it feel? Details so I can jerk off to your story :)

Day Dreaming
Views: 95 · Added: 18 days ago


la de da :) giles
Views: 63 · Added: 18 days ago

Views: 51 · Added: 18 days ago

I just saw it on CNN, they said that the "coronal mass ejection" (aka solar storm) could effect ppower grids, cell service and GPS systems. I'm sure nothing serious will happen, but I give them credit for an eye

only the shadow knows
Views: 56 · Added: 18 days ago

Fun with Food...
Views: 167 · Added: 19 days ago

Hey I had a fantasy last night that I was with my boyfriend having fun, as you do.

just to to paint a picture, he is a half Japanese, half Malaysian, not an ounce of fat on him. Reasonably toned muscles and dark skin. Nick 6 inch cut cock, smooth hairless body.

Anyway, in my fantasy I put some Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) on his cock and balls. Then nibbled and licked and sucked it of slowly till he came hard and hot.

i definitely plan to try it out for real this weekend.

Have you done this or something similar?

Can you recommend some other food to have fun with?

John xx

Views: 373 · Added: 19 days ago

I am a gay

Views: 151 · Added: 19 days ago

For those of you who are fans of the the TV show, "RAY DONOVAN":

ich lade mich nackt hoch
Views: 79 · Added: 19 days ago

This site has serious problems
Views: 49 · Added: 19 days ago

Half the time the photos I upload don't even show up on my profile. I just created a new album last night with at least five photos in it. I woke up this morning to find out it was approved, but there are only two photos?! Someone really needs

Views: 92 · Added: 19 days ago

Just thought I would say hello to every one, Hello :-)

Does anyone else sleep naked?
Views: 380 · Added: 19 days ago

Sleeping naked is so awesome! I go right to sleep.

Who and how was your first?
Views: 299 · Added: 19 days ago

well im 19 and im still a virgin. i was wondering what is your first anal sex feels like (either top or bottom). i only done oral in hs so i want to be prepare whats coming. i mean face it im in college no matter how unattractive i am im going to get bang at some point in college.

In Remembrance
Views: 68 · Added: 20 days ago

While we remember this day of tragedy. We most also learn the lessons of history. And respond apppropriately. Boots on the ground did not solve this issue in the Crusades, the Russian occupation of Afghanistan or the American war in Iraq. This enemy must be met as it is and with the appropriate coalition of people that can bring about a lasting change.

Views: 65 · Added: 20 days ago

the pace of my life early autumn morning arriving at work - giles

Sunrise at Gunsight Bay Lake Powell Utah
Views: 51 · Added: 20 days ago

Some one eles picture and it is a real nice shot, Good morning every one

Views: 100 · Added: 20 days ago

Hi Guy's how re you all

It happend to me when i was 16. My frist freind he was 15, put his hand in a movie theater on my upper leg verry close to the zipper.
That drove my compleetly over the edge and i shot my load in to my underwaer. the funny thing was i was not ashamed ore anyting, i did not care, it felt so absolutly out of this word.


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