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7 Gay Guys to Follow on Twitter in 2015
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Reblogged from Gay Star News-By Jamie Tabberer


Blocked Videos
Views: 376 · Added: 15 days ago

Can someone please explain why there are an increasing amount of blocked videos on here now.i love viewing young(legal) guys but it's so frustrating when you hit the play button and a line appears through it.after all I take it the guys are of legal age.
Thanks John

Hey I'm new here :) Hi
Views: 39 · Added: 15 days ago

Is there any other Maori's or Kiwis on here? :)

Views: 12197 · Added: 15 days ago

Write one fetish. your main one !

Secret Boyfreinds!!
Views: 668 · Added: 15 days ago

im just wondering, did anyone esle have a secret crush with a boy at school? or still do?

i did and yes i do :)

What's your pet doing now? )
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Gay Boys 15/01/15
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Porn Website
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Is there a website similar to this that is straight porn? Like straightboystube or something... any ideas?

O hi there
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i see a lot of rude comments on the blog section.

So Happy to find this place
Views: 202 · Added: 16 days ago

I wish I had more to i'll just say thank you all!!!! I love you!

Oiled and Ready
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That's one creepy fox
Views: 35 · Added: 16 days ago

Hello everyone this is Sundance Kid Rex I wanted to thank everyone out there for the wishes and the support on this two wonderful years on GBT.A very special thanks goes out to Andy for posting this blog to all the membersout there.

warm blanket
Views: 38 · Added: 16 days ago

puts my extra large blanket over the states, to keep my buddies over there warm and cosy, love you all, scott

catch my ass
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New Year's Resolution
Views: 54 · Added: 17 days ago

new year
Views: 49 · Added: 17 days ago

wishing all my friends a great time this year, love and hugs, scott

Happy Meal
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awwww cute
Views: 71 · Added: 17 days ago

hot celebs :)
Views: 70 · Added: 17 days ago

who else thinks that Tommy Lawrence Knight is very hot :) because i do

Views: 183 · Added: 17 days ago

Rumor has it that Kim Jong Un has been getting beauty tips from RuPaul. lol

needs a title
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My first summer of lust and love
Views: 276 · Added: 18 days ago

Ok so this all started about 2 weeks before summer break i was still innocent and naive yet a walking hardon with my big balls:)....I'll start with lust...I went to a catholic school and wore a uniform, navy pants,blue shirt and a tie. I walked home slowly cause my family life sucked...up an alley and there was always this guy working on a car usually and i would stop in and chat...i could tell he liked me so i would have my shirt un buttoned or off sometimes with an undershirt and sometimes not...he tryed not to stare but didn't really work cause i'd lock my hands over my head and acrch my back and usually when im rock hard. it sent on like this for a few more weeks...he was nice and afraid to touch me...but boy did like to look, and i like him to.more on him later.'

DOCO-REVIEW: Teens Hooked on Porn
Views: 438 · Added: 18 days ago

Documentary looking at how British teenagers are increasingly being tempted by the limitless porn available on the Internet, with some becoming addicts. Three of them tell their stories of differing use of porn and their battles to overcome its lure, providing a unique insight into a part of what it's like growing up today.

Whether they live in America, Britain, or elsewhere, most teenage boys have been exposed to some form of pornography. But the Internet has radically escalated that exposure - to the point at which many adolescents are addicted.

This program follows the stories of teenage porn addicts as they struggle with the issues that drive their behavior - although not all are open to soul-searching. Darryl, age 17, doesn

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So uhm... Dear blog, this day was bringing up nothing special. Again, apart from precipitations ) Gave a smile to a guy in traffic jam, he pretended he didn't notice that. Cool, I expected somewhat else than cool, thanks to Niagara climate XD

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One great thing in my life lately, other than my new guy Jeremy, has been the friendships I made here. So many people willing to offer advice and share their experiences and some kind words of support.

Best Most Intense Sex Ever?
Views: 81 · Added: 18 days ago

So, what was your best or most intense sexual experience? Maybe it was the best fucking you ever got, or, the best blow-job you ever got...or, maybe it was an incredibly intense cum-shot you gave yourself. I've been lucky to have had quite a few really awesome experiences over

Is this the real thing?
Views: 132 · Added: 18 days ago

Feeling today that my affection is misplaced. That slowly I am being isolated. I am worried for myself

Props to Atlanta Mayor!
Views: 49 · Added: 18 days ago

Just read this article about the mayor in Atlanta firing the fire chief for pushing his beliefs on the department. I just can't understand how these bible thumpers can scream about being hated "just for being christian" and be completely dilliusonal about the other half of their coin (which is that they were not just holding beliefs, but trying to instill them in others in a place that legally is to remain secular!)

It's such a prime example of the idiocy that prevented me from believing as a kid. Even then I understood the hypocricy and the undying deflectors put up over the eyes of the faithful.

Anyway, just though I'd share the article, sorry to ramble! Props to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed!


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