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200 Day
Views: 72 · Added: 13 days ago

YAY, It's my Terriffic 200 Day on GBT!

Views: 73 · Added: 14 days ago

Anyway to delete ratolinesss post that are clogginf up the blog?

The Good Life
Views: 19 · Added: 14 days ago

An inspring animated video by

Have you all ever noticed that Spider-Man's web shots from his wrists look like fucking CUM?!!

two years
Views: 113 · Added: 14 days ago

just felt I should mark my second anniversary on this unique site, taking the opportunity to thank all my friends and

the many others who have contributed so many videos and pics.... today we should all pray that Putin restrains his

bullying nature and keeps out of Ukraine... I for one am thinking of all freedom loving Ukrainians at this difficult time xx

Views: 25 · Added: 14 days ago

I'm a big fan of musicals.

My GBT200
Views: 90 · Added: 14 days ago

Thanks to the guys who wished me a

My Favorite Videos
Views: 129 · Added: 14 days ago

They are what I like, feel free to view them. :)

What's going on?
Views: 104 · Added: 14 days ago

Some of my blogs, including my wall have been spammed...

Internet Radio - Follow Up
Views: 50 · Added: 15 days ago

Hi guys. Thanks to all those who know me for asking me about my station.

Keep passing this around until everyone has had the opportunity to read it...

Anyone near nottingham, uk?
Views: 52 · Added: 15 days ago

Message me if so! X

Those Clueless Moments
Views: 205 · Added: 15 days ago

What is the most significant, most particularly clueless moment that you can remember from your life? That one moment that truly stands out in your mind that you will never forget? That one moment where you did or thought something that you can look back on now and think to yourself, "Wow... I can't believe what an idiot I was..."?

The one that I will never forget happened quite a while back.

I remember, back when I was much younger than I am now, how excited I was to finally have access to the internet. I couldn't wait to get online and begin my epic search for naked boys. I was so excited to find photo's or video's of naked boys doing all kinds of filthy, nasty things to themselves and other boys. Alas, there was something holding me back.

One night, when everyone was in bed, I decided that it was time to do a little perverted browsing. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get myself to enter any of the search terms into the search engine that I knew I would need to enter in order to find what I so greatly desired to look at.

Why was I so afraid? Well, lets just say that I was completely clueless (and I mean 100% without even a trace of something that could even be remotely considered a clue) about how the internet worked. Oh sure, I knew how to use it, but I thought that it worked much differently than it actually does.

The thing is, I thought that when you searched for something on the internet, you weren't the one doing the actual searching. I thought that when you searched for something, there were people on the other end in some kind of "control center" that would receive your search terms and then do the actual searching for you. Then, once they found what you were looking for, they would send the results back to you.

I was so terrified that someone on the other end was going to know that I was looking for naked boys that I sat there in front of the monitor unable to do any searching. Finally I found my nerve and just went to town on that web browser. I just didn't care any more. All I knew is that I wanted to see some damn boy pussy and I wasn't going to bed until I was completely satisfied.

It was only a short time after that, that I leared how a search engine really worked.

To this day, I still cannot believe that I really thought that the internet operated in such a way. That was one of the biggest clueless moments that I've ever had in my life.

Now it's your turn. Open the lid on that can of dumbass and tell me all about it.

Funny Order
Views: 101 · Added: 15 days ago

You all know I print tshirts for a living...

Oops... I Did It Again.
Views: 96 · Added: 15 days ago


Uniform vid
Views: 103 · Added: 15 days ago

Please check out my uniform vid! I kept my uniform from school and dug it out so I could show of how sexy I look in it ;) so leave comments on it :) xx

10 Reasons To Date Younger Guys. READ FIRST COMMENT.
Views: 478 · Added: 15 days ago

There are times when most of you feel that dating a younger guy is not the right thing to do. It has been rubbed in oft into your mind and you have even begun believing it. But, does age really matter when you are dating? Does age make a difference when falling in love? Do you even think about the age when you fall in love? Well, the answer to all of the above is a big no.

Sensitive tip
Views: 108 · Added: 15 days ago

mmmm...dont you just love it when you have a wank, cum and then the tip is all raw and sensitive? Touching it...feels so good! Wipping your cum all over the tip, rolling the palm of your hand over it...mmmmm ;) this is what happened in my latest vid of me when I record on my phone, and cum for your enjoyment ;) please watch it when its up and freind me and comment xxxx

Real love is actually more than sex
Views: 159 · Added: 15 days ago

Sex and romance may seem inextricably linked, but the

human brain clearly distinguishes between the two,

Love is the more powerful emotion.

Hey Hey Hey!
Views: 106 · Added: 15 days ago

'Sup bois? You all look so hot with your nice dicks, dripping and throbbing!

Views: 314 · Added: 15 days ago

hey guys. Just wondering if any of you guys have used it? Is it worth the effort? I really want a bigger penis, mostly because I would like to try porn one day professionally, and I dont think I'm currently big enough (see my vids) but I dunno, am I? If not, whats the best way to make it bigger?

Thought Of The Day
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Want my vids taken down
Views: 277 · Added: 15 days ago

Hey guys. Basically something has happened of site which has led to me being uncomftable to have videos of me on this site. I'm sorry about this, but I need to take them down. I've messaged nick as unfortunately this site gives you no control over deleting something once it's been uploaded, which I'm not happy with. So nick, my message to you is,please delete all my vids as soon as possible that are under my current name and whic were uploaded under harrysamteensex around 4 months ago. Again guys, sorry! But it's just not safe for me to be on here anymore. Cheers for all the comments x

I'm Alive :)
Views: 53 · Added: 15 days ago

Now don't you go worrying...

Spring Has Sprung...
Views: 86 · Added: 15 days ago

At last...

Ever have a Forbidden Love?
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Views: 83 · Added: 15 days ago

Hey guys, since I've had to take all my vids down just thought I'd say sorry about that. However, if you wanna see me on skype, then please message me with your addy and I'll love to perform for u x

Sex Facts
Views: 143 · Added: 15 days ago

UberFacts: Due to the angle at which the optic nerve enters the brain, staring at a blue surface during sex greatly increases the intensity of orgasms. (Sounds like an experiment worth testing out.)

changing positions
Views: 121 · Added: 15 days ago

I was a total TOP TOP TOP and loved to sink my dick into a nice ass, now all I want is a dick up my ass. Has anyone else gone from total top to bottom and if you have which do you prefer. Me

your skin
Views: 284 · Added: 15 days ago

are you comfortble with your you look naked? proud? show off? bashful? need to work on it?

Penis measuring
Views: 338 · Added: 15 days ago

Hey guys. Just gonna get straight to the point - how to you measure penis length accurately? I'm asking this because some times when I measure it, it says one measurement but then another measurement that's quite different the next. So, how do you measure it the best? I just stick a ruler against the penis but, as you see in my vids, mine is more bent so is that effecting it? Cheers guys xx

HumpDay Birthday...
Views: 106 · Added: 15 days ago

Time is running out to do some humping to celebrate....what a nice present that would be, sigh. Wish me luck guys--still have a few more hours :)

Views: 42 · Added: 15 days ago

Hey wer ist denn hier alles von Deutschland bzw. aus dem s


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