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Are You Afraid?
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What are your top 3 fears in life? Is it death? Nuclear war? Vaginas? Life itself?

My top 3 fears are as follows:

#1: Death - Death tops my list as my number one fear. What scares me the most about death is not what comes after you die (which has been described by people that have died and come back to life as having been an extremely pleasant experience), but the dying itself. Those last few moments of your life when you start to feel yourself slip away. Lying there knowing that everyone and everything that you love, including your very life itself, is about to be ripped away from you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

#2: Conflict - While having grown up with Social Anxiety and Chronic Depression plays a large role in this particular fear, the thing that scares me the most about conflict is the idea of being hurt or being forced to hurt someone else; either physically or mentally. Or worse, being powerless to defend myself. I'm a peaceful person by nature, and the idea of being forced into a non-peaceful situation terrifies me.

#3: Spiders - Enough said. Spiders are worse than pussy...

Some Handy Facts about Masturbation
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Watch and enjoy

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Today Alexis Samuel (Kaya986) celebrates his 900 days on GBT. Time for a party. For he is probably the most caring, kind and gentle man you will ever have the opportunity to know. Have a most wonderful day Sam. Hugs

humping things
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I have a huge fetish for hunping second hand used inflatable pool toys like dolphins, whales, sharks etc. Ive always like climbing on the naked and hunping them. Anyone done this?

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Self Confidence? I have none, entrapped within the walls of my comfort zone. Highly criticising myself (being a perfectionist sucks yet I cant help it). I have heard the advice 'be yourself' countless times, yet fear overwhelmes me! I am an introvert, in-closet gay, have no friends, I drown in the frustration of lacking self confidence.

I wish I could summon the energy within my soul to tell gay haters including members of my own family and say " I AM GAY, yes I lust for men not women, I desire someone who understands my physical needs, share intimate moments with someone who not only has the same sex organs as I do, but understands me spiritually...why do you have to hate and loath my happiness with your close minded selfish scandalous revolts?"

Words and thoughts I am to scared to say...maybe running away and creating a new identity will help....wait how ironic thats exactly what I have done on the internet and so have you...I am Maxumillion21 how about you?

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Nice Facebook Group! Topics: Sneakers, Socks, Feet, Underwear and Boys!

900 days for Dennis Phallussy
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We wish you fun and a laugh or two on your 900 days my friend

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threesomes. like or not?
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last week i got into a threesome with a so called straight friend and his girlfriend. i sucked him off as he ate her out. very hot. jerked him off later as she slept on the couch. good start to a week off.

mine frankie muniz, kier ghilcrist, david faustino, and well now that he's 21 dylan sprouse.

Completely Hairless Boy
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I have an enormous amount of lust for young looking smooth boys, with no pubic hair other than maybe a few sparce hairs around their penis. Why I have such desires beats me. I enjoy watching young twinks fucking each other or young teens fucking older men.

Does anybody else in their 20's want to completely remove all their pubic hair (wax, shave, lazer) just to look and feel like a prepubescent teen again?

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Worlds Earliest Ever Found Porn was Gay Porn!!!
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A little proud right now, that Gay Porn has now been datted to be the world Oldest found type :)

She.ll rip you a new asshole lol

Searching for this guy!
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Does anyone know him? Where can i find more?

What does "straw" mean?
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What does "straw" mean?

Just Sayin'
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Why No Vlogs?
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I have always wondered why we never see any users create Vlogs and adding them to the site? I see them created all the time in YouTube closest we ever got was Alex17 have to say is a bit disappointing. Original when I created the site I excepted more of this for some reason was that wrong?


Everything people do is about wanting love...
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...easier to understand people even if you disagree.

Driving for Dummies
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my dick, my balls tend to cling firm close by.


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