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I hear many complains about the blogs not working properly, or many that have given up using the section because it's never worked, after 955 days its still the same, write a blog thread and most of it's missing when you click send

Maximum hotness
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My Holiday To Do List
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Queen - Don't Stop Me Now - Vocals only bliss.....
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So I was going through all my audio files and collections, trying to organise them a bit, when I discovered some wonderful gems I'd forgotten I had. Experienced a few minutes of utter bliss with this one and decided to recreate the moment I gradually and by accident discovered the sheer bliss in just listening to Queen vocals and share it with you guys. Sorry the screen capture is fuzzy; didn't set the resolution right. But that doesn't matter at all because the audio is the main thing. Screen capture doesn't process audio very well so did the audio separately and it's a teensy bit out of sync with the video. But the video is only incidental. It's when it gets to the pure Queen vocals that it's just lovely. :) Won't leave this up for more than a week cos don't want to screw up my youtube status.....Enjoy!.......

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in case I have missed anyone out here is a group hug and card;

Off for a few
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this will be my last blog for a few days, taking a break. Drop me massage and I'll try to answer. Peace out.

Censorship Pisses Me Off
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1 of my posts of a legal aged dude was taken down because apparently something happened, not in the video but in his real life, that was depressing for some people to think about. I am being facetious, obviously, but here is what I know: he started out as a naturist model as a child where nothing sexual was involved, then once he became legal he did a couple of hardcore vids (depending on your definition of "hardcore" I guess he fucked a blow up doll and jerked off in them) which netted him some decent money which he then used to buy a flashy sports car which he was driving at high speeds in when he was later killed in an accident. Yes, it is tragic. No, I don't think it should affect our opinion of how beautiful he is and that he was a legal, willing participant in the vids. No, I definitely don't think my video should have been taken down because some asshole reported it. I lost my Twitter recently for something just as stupid. The asshole ex of this dude I wasn't even dating but who took an interest in me reported me on a bogus charge ("targeted abuse" whatever the fuck that means) and I lost an account I had fostered for more than 5 years and about 11 thousand followers. But more than that I lost a creative outlet. My point being: Social media and blogs SHOULD NOT FALL PREY TO CENSORSHIP. I realize this is simply a porn site, but hey, to some people 50 Shades of Gray might be considered porn, would you like to burn that while you're at it? In future, to all those who "don't like" something I post or say, heed these words: FUCK OFF AND DON'T LOOK AT IT! And my intention was not to offend people, just to vent anger and make a point. I'm not interested in hearing more skeptical information about what happened to the dude in the video I posted. My choice is to watch his vid, enjoy a nice wank, and not much else.

Maximum hotness #2
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Dirty talking
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Anyone got a dirty talking vid they could upload?

his comfort zone
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My video submission!!
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Just an FYI to you all: I'm not sure if and when my jerk off vid will appear on the website, but I hope it will soon. Just letting u know I did it!! Mom told me to 'enjoy myself' when she went out to shop, so I took her word for it--and that's exactly what I did! Liitle does she know, or does she? Couldn't wait to strip nude and jack!!

Way to win an argument for guys
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Compare dicks--the guy with the biggest wins, and his way goes! If it's a tie, then they challenge each other to see who, in front of the other, has the biggest load! Whoever cums the most wins, and his way goes! If the loser dislikes it, he can always suck the winner off and/or get fucked in his loser ass!

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I'm not sure if im on the Naughty or nice list this year, or the naughty or VERY naughty list ;)

Laundry Boy
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ha ha
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I remember my cousin as warm thick and uncut

How to remove uploaded movies
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could some-one give me the answer? plz

Hottie in bed
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sieu pham

philipp poisel live ☼✿♫
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bored,horny and alone...

anyone wanna do some fun? one ore to one or a group wank?

syntax181 skype

Found the LAST ONE in stock at Oxford Walmart!

I sometimes wish
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It would be so nice to be able to hold a boy in my arms, and to cuddle him, and to spoon him and to care for him and protect him. To dream under the stars even just for one night, it would be so romantic. I've never been able to be close to a boy. Sigh, at least I can dream.

Rickys omputer fund *(Nick)
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Can you set this up? can you transfer funds from visa to said fund? Maybe a little work but I think it wil be worth it . We did this kinda thing on Fark so I know its possible. Nicxk I trust you.

No one on GBT, looking at the most popular or most watched or favourited vids, or seeing the pics most common on the blogs, or even just viewing the overwhelming majority of gay porn, can be under any misunderstanding about what most GBT'ers and most gay guys find sexy. Smoothness. Sometimes it's because smoothness equals the charms of youth, sometimes it's because smoothness is just an aesthetic preference, sometimes it's perhaps because smoothness just lays the male physique more bare, open and tactile. And hey, there's no doubt smoothness, in front of a fireplace on a hot steamy night, feels great in the hands. But I've personally always had one serious caveat to all that. Shaved body hair turns me right off. I prefer the honesty of the natural. Me myself I've never been hairy over most of me, just under the arms, downstairs and normal amount on the legs. In guys I'm with, smoothness sure, as long as there is a serious bunch of pubic bushiness and underarm hair. The 'shaved' pube look turns me off faster than pretty much anything to the point where I just can't go on with someone who is really shaved down below. I can see a porn vid where the guys are clearly gorgeous, but when the camera moves down and there's no lovely thicket of pubic hair or underarm hair, I just switch off. My previous boyfriend and current friend/sex partner have had not only chest hair but hairy legs and not only has my prefence for smoothness gone right out the window with them because they were so awesome in bed, but the extra bit of hairiness has actually been a turn on. Just the maleness of it. Their charm, the chemistry, the fondness, the horniness of being with them, has banished the vague preference for smoothness pretty much out of my head. So just wondering how this whole equation works for other guys. Ultimately I've realised I could not care less about the body hair issue. It is far down the list of things I actually care about.

Fleshlight Squirting
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jo. dry or lube ?
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When you jerk off, do you do it dry or with lube ?

If you are with ANOTHER guy, dry or lube ?

If lubed, what do you use ?

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I have nips and cock piercings find it very arousing. Dont seed too many here.

Have a nice saturday
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