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yung and full of cum
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is anyone on here from Stpetersburg florida

this is so like me :)
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Confronting Hate.....
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Story Address in Huffington Post:

About Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church's Website

night work
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Not sure what to do
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Hey guys, this is going to be a long post, sorry.

The basic theme is not knowing if/how/when I should come out, if you're going to give me advice, please read the whole post.

My grandmother is one of the most supportive people I've ever met. She always tells me "If it makes you happy and it doesn't hurt anybody, do it." She was adopted but 28 years ago she found out she had two sisters, Paula and Dana. They lived in Columbus and we're in Pittsburgh and even though the distance was long, they would always visit my Grandma and vice-versa. Well one day when I was like 7 or 8 we went up to Columbus to visit Dana and her husband Curt. I always knew them as my aunts and uncles, even though they're technically my great aunts and great uncles. Well during our visit Dana and Curt took me to the YMCA or a similar type of gym to go swimming. After we were done swimming Curt took me into the locker room to get dressed and this was the first time I'd seen a grown man naked. I don't know if it's normal for little kids to ask why men have hair down there and stuff but I did, and without getting too graphic Curt ended up molesting me and taking advantage of me sexually. I know that seems random, but it was my first sexual encounter and I think it led to me being gay. I could be wrong.

Jump ahead to middle-school, I've known I was gay since the end of Elementary School but I've never told anybody. In middle-school I pretty much took an interest in everything that fit the gay stero-type: musical theatre, singing, dancing, art, other cultures, languages, clothes, stuff like that. I got bullied a lot, and it was really physical. My bully, DJ, and his friends would punch and kick me, spit on me, knock stuff out of my hands... I had to go to the hospital 8 times throughout middleschool for broken bones or stitches. My parents are very right-wing conservatives. My dad was an Army Ranger for a long time and now he's a stone mason who owns his own business, my entire life was filled with gay slurs and him telling our family that gay people were abominations of the Lord. I'm religious, but I think we should love everybody equally, not based on gender. My mom, I know, would accept me no matter what, but thinks that no matter a man's interest he has a duty to be strong and show no signs of weakness. I know it doesn't sound like I'm describing real people, but that's honestly how they are. So whenever I'd come home bruised or bleeding, they'd do whatever they could to take care of it without going to the hospital. If I did have to go, they'd make me promise to tell the people I got hurt by an accident, not by being beaten up. After DJ bruised a couple of my ribs, my dad enrolled me in three karate classes, Krav Maga, Judo and Tae-Kwon-Do. After around a year of these classes every day my dad threatened to make me stop taking them if I didn't fight DJ, and I really enjoyed the classes so I decided to fight him. It wasn't a gigantic event but I fought DJ and won and he didn't pick on me for the rest of the year.

Bringing us to high-school. A couple of kids on the football team (this entire story sounds like a cliche) heard about the fight and really wanted to meet me so they approached me on the first day of school in my freshman year. After some badgering I sat down with them and explained what happened. I was a mess and cried the entire time I told the story. To my surprise it didn't bother them, they didn't think I was weird, and one of the girls that sat with them even started crying too. After I was done with the story they didn't say much, but for the rest of the day they would say hello to me in the halls and stuff. It was the first time a peer of mine went out of the way to talk to me. The next day, I tried to sit alone, but they sat with me, and over time we all became really, really good friends. Since, like most schools, ours was practically run by the football team this made me one of the cool kids. Long story short (I know, too late), I spent the rest of my time in high-school being one of the popular kids: homecoming king, most likely to succeed, class clown, lead in two musicals, student council, you get the picture. I was in the drama club and the band, and I had a lot of crushes on guys, but I also had a lot of girlfriends.

So before the end of my senior year I had quite a few girlfriends, but I had never been in love with a girl, and I was a virgin. I hated myself for being gay and I thought I could force it away by being with a woman, so I asked my girlfriend at the time if she'd be willing to fool around with me that night and she agreed. She blew me and it was nice and all, but I could force myself to have sex with her, I simply wasn't attracted to her. It didn't work, obviously.

Then college came and I seriously fell in love with a chubby ginger boy named Alex. One of the first times we met he asked me if I wanted to cuddle. I pretended to be weirded out by the question but ultimately made a joke out of it and agreed. We became best friends and were inseperable. I spent more time in his room than in mine, we cuddled a lot, we worked out together and the first time I saw him naked, I knew that I couldn't change that I was gay. After about a year of being best friends he said I was weirding him out and spending way too much time with him and in a dramatic scene, we stopped being friends. It was the most crushing feeling I'd ever felt and in a way, I'm still in love with him.

This brings us to the present. The reason I wrote all this is to illustrate the problems I'm having with coming out. I have tons of friends, in the amount of time it took me to write this I've missed 9 text messages from all different people. A lot of them are really weirded out by gay people and one of them has even told me he'd disown me if he knew I was gay. My dad and I are really close, but he literally hates gay people. I never told anybody about Curt molesting me and I want too, but I know my Grandma loves Dana and Curt so much and that she'd disown them if she knew. I don't know what to do guys, but I feel like a spy in a foreign place full of people who hate the place I come from. The gay place.

I need help,

Feels good to be back!
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Hey guys! I know i haven't been very active and haven't even uploaded a profile pix :P All of that is to come soon, looking forward to chatting with everyone!

We shoud have a GBT chat like other sites
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They do on other gay sites like Lube Your Tube (and it's free, unlike the rest of their services at the moment). So, why not us?

Whole Albums Avatar boy
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Dear Everybody:

I'm new here, as a member, been coming here for years totally love this site.. I've noticed by the Avatars of some members, their into young like me..

ME IN THE RAW (photos)
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PM me your e-mail and i will e-mail u a nude selfie! no joke!

Well Said
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Thank You!......For the final time.
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Thank you thank you thank you to everyone on GBT for being such an amazing community, and for making me feel welcome. :) For personal reasons that I will not say, I will be deleting this account at the end of the day. I have made so many friends on this website than in real life (kind of sad isnt it? haha) But i know that one day i will come back with a new account and be more active in the new one than the one I have now. Which reminds me....sorry guys for not being so active on this site as much as the other members on here. BUT I will say that I am glad to be a part of the world of GBT and with the videos and blogs and all, even if I have a small role in the blogs. :) Well, again thank you everyone and later on tonight I will be deleting this account. Love you all!!!


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I haved watch countless viedos and I was just woundering, As a lover of cocks and low hangers it seams that guys that are uncut have balls that hange lower than guys who are cut. I have know idea if there is any scientific evedence

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I have always used my hand to masturbate.

LGTB older people who fought the first battles for equality now face so much fear of discrimination, bullying and abuse that many are hiding their lives to survive. Thousands are dying earlier than their straight counterparts because they are isolated and afraid to ask for help. But a growing number of people are fighting to keep LGBT aging from meaning aging in silence.
An important film to raise awareness about an issue many might never stop to consider.



another test
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do it it may catch on

hehe :)
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really now cum on
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so i am on the video section and what do i see ads for nasty as women. i understand u need to keep the sight going with ads. however this is a gay sight however how is someone suppose to get off when u clearly see pussy. damn

test pic
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test pic

New drawing , hands free
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Sorry if im a bit rusty haven't drawn on a peice of paper in a year haha

Tips for making better Selfie's,Using a mirror
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Using a mirror,

First clean the Mirror very good, becaurse youre Camara wil see al the spots etc on the mirror, and be in youre Selfie. Look also is the lens of youre camara is clean.

If possebel, set the Iso of you're camera to 100 ore 200, this will keep noise out of the selfie ( Noise is when the selfie looks like there is grain in your Picture.)

Low Iso needs more time to get the exposre of the Selfie correct, so you need to keep the Camera from moving.

Option 1. put your camara on a tripot.

Option 2. Use a flash, Warning: the flash wil reflect in the mirrow, So keep the camara at a 45 degree angel when taking the selfie

Put youre camara on auto wite balance, Ore the Selfie wil become to yelow ore orange, that is beacaurse the most indoor ligth is warm wite color, (warm withe =3200 kelvin, dayl ligth = 6500 kelvin)

Push the camara sutter only 1/2 down, this gives the command to the camara to Auto focus, wait 2 seconds and the autofocus shoud be done, push the shuttergently all the way down to take your selfie.

Coments and tips are always welcome,

Hope this helps if you want to know more tips, just ask,


Handy56 Hobby fotograf

Dance Mixes Available
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Anyone enjoy dance mixes?

There are 3 of them, approx. 45 minutes each available for download in my side column.

Just scroll down to the dancing dance sign to find them.


test oic
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just a test

Question: Witch brand and model camera do you have ?
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I am using at the moment a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 ( 3" LCD, 7.2 megapixels, 12x optical zoom ) from 2006.

Saving for a New camera

where did it go?
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hey everyone, does anyone know where that video went of that hot 19yo beeing spanked in the kitchen? It was posted not too long ago, but now I cant find it. thanks :)

Gay, straight or somewhere in between
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This may seem like a strange question, but do you think someone can be gay as far as physical attraction, but straight as far as their emotions go? I guess I mean, canyou want to fuck boys but love girls - or do you think that someone whe tells you that is really just not facing up to the fact that they are gay?

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Whats on your ipod

to name a few on mine i have lots of blue gass lots lots of Texas swing and some big band stuff and some rock and roll i also have three file called travlin rock and roll travlin swing and travlin blue grass for when I am doing a road trip on the bike. plug it in turn it up and burn up the miles.

what just happen
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Back to URL
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what if the pic's u want to post on the blog and it is a pic that you took from your own camera

Been away for long time.
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Hello, how are you doing? I've been away for too long.


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