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The GBT Conspiracy?
Views: 106 · Added: 79 days ago

I guess if you're not considered one of the beautiful people on here, then your video isn't uploaded. Nick18 is just ignoring me for some reason....maybe that's it! Well, honestly, I don't care.

Views: 79 · Added: 79 days ago

Anyone is Calgary Alberta?

Straight guys who play gay
Views: 330 · Added: 80 days ago

"Straight" guys are doing my head in well one is a close friend of mine and I have fooled around a few times and his always looking at me with the come fuck me eyes then when I try something he pulls the I'm straight card ! what do I do guys jQuery182027780680387579887_1406849084739?

Hamburg This Weekend
Views: 111 · Added: 80 days ago


25 July - 03 August Hamburg Pride 2014

01 August - 03 August Hamburg Cruise Days 2014 (roflol)

02 August Christopher Street Day 2014


Views: 70 · Added: 80 days ago

Nice to see some Pic's from other folks then the same two that flood the

Jake T Austin of The Fosters is so happy to be on the wrestling team, he can hardly contain himself.

Nude at the pool
Views: 965 · Added: 80 days ago

My brother and I were lucky enough to grow up in a nudist family. We lived in Florida in the sticks and had a pool so we were nude all the time. From the time we got out of diapers, we went nude when ever we wanted to, which was all the time. Our folks were naturalist. When we were born, our dad would not let the doctor circumcise us as he was not, and understood how much better it was not to be.

When I was 11, my new best friend from school wanted to come over and swim, so I told him we went nude at home and only swam nude. He did not believe me. He had seen me nude in the locker room, but he was always a bit shy. It was a hot Saturday and he wanted to come over for a swim in the worst way. I told him that he would have to go nude to swim, and he thought I was kidding him. It took him about 45 min. to ride his bike out to were we lived. I had been nude since I got home from school Friday, so when the doorbell rang I knew it was him and went to the door nude. When I opened the door and he saw me, his eyes got big. He could not believe I was standing at the front door naked. He was wearing only shorts and gym shoes. To freak him out more, I walked out onto the

Will my balls/groins get bigger
Views: 280 · Added: 81 days ago

If I do not masturbate for a week--doubt it--I cannot go without for more than a day, will my balls/groins get bigger?

Views: 87 · Added: 81 days ago

Two questions.

Does anyone know how to contact the Mods/Admin on here? How long does moderation take before uploads appear on here?

Views: 123 · Added: 81 days ago

I just submitted my FIRST...

Views: 504 · Added: 82 days ago

Lets hope and pray that Jordan will be ok.

young n eager
Views: 177 · Added: 82 days ago

whoever like to get in relationship with youngsters n teens eager to

Words I've Never Heard Spoken
Views: 114 · Added: 82 days ago

"Stop sucking my dick, I'd rather jack myself off." But, apparently, it's what every producer of gay-porn thinks we all want to hear and see...even videos of boyfriends usually end (if they bother showing a cum-shot at all) with the two of them jacking themselves off. I've never had a partner who preferred his hand to my mouth or ass, and I can honestly say I've never been with someone who made me feel I'd rather jack-off....what the hell is going onjQuery18206337792584634397_1406775247764

Mosquito stung
Views: 194 · Added: 82 days ago

I was asked to do the yard, and I have to wait almost for sunset due to my milk-like fair skin.

selfish lovers in bed
Views: 319 · Added: 83 days ago

Just wondering if it's just me or are most younger gay guys selfish in bed after they mess ?

being someone in to younger guys 18/23 i'm kinda not sure if it's me or if younger guys are selfish?
Had a few guys like this from around where i live in Ballarat vic australia they come on all strong and have some fun
make you all horny then after they've had their fun and made a mess they just stop has this happend to anyone elsejQuery18203111273567062355_1406604662723?

Views: 84 · Added: 83 days ago

Why uploads are failed regularly in past 3 days (and before that too...)? For some uploaders it's possible to upload 20-30 videos a day and all are released. Yesterday night I uploaded 25 videos, most of them 2-3 times and today result was only 3 of them released. Now member here 2 years and 10 months and this same problem has been following me from the beginning. Without any explanations from adminstarion. They are just "working on it". Maybe from southern Europe, not mentioning any countries by name the, connections are better than from here where I stay? Mr. Admin answered in his blog answer last night that most questions are answered here the latest 24 hours after the blog/question appears here. Most of my questions here are deleted immiadetly after Admin dept. have noticed them. Or because of the big time difference between us- woke-up. Have a nice day!

100 days back for Alan
Views: 126 · Added: 83 days ago

Just wanting to wish Alan /itsmealan a Happy 100 days days Back here ..Thanks my friend for being there when i needed to talk .

Views: 130 · Added: 84 days ago

wtf? Can an admin please look into this?

Views: 93 · Added: 84 days ago

Anybody got an update on JordanjQuery182040713781845856245_1406608302617?

Views: 84 · Added: 84 days ago

I can't upload more than one photo at a time. Then it automatically goes to admin for apporval :/

Views: 66 · Added: 84 days ago

What are your experiences with Grindr, the smartphone app. to meet gays guys nearest you

The Comics Blog.....
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YAY!!! … 1000 days … WOW!!! … AWESOME!! ….
Views: 179 · Added: 84 days ago

hej H., it was february last year when we met here, we became friends and first i fell in love with the guy you are at GBT, and the more we knew each other the more i love you as the boy you are. we talked nearly every day, you are so funny, so lovely, so wonderful and i feel so much for you that my boyfriend got jealous - and then came the winter, the dark days, we were in love, but something changed. it was around christmas and new year, i spent the holidays with my boyfriend and our families and you were back home with your family. i didn't know that you were in trouble, i came back, i was looking for you, but i couldn't find you, i miss you, i've lost you. i don't know what happened, you just passed away and i could only cry. sometimes i go to your profile, i'm the only visitor, i want to be close to you, it makes me feel better.

today is your 1000th day at GBT and i still love you and i feel that you know how much you mean to me ...

North American Indians on Homosexuality.....
Views: 148 · Added: 84 days ago

Wikipedia on 'Two-Spirit People':

Huffington Post on 'Two-Spirit People':

Gay Art History:

Will Roscoe's very interesting website:


'Dancing To Eagle Spirit' Society:

It Must Be Hellish
Views: 95 · Added: 84 days ago

I can recall when I became aware I was attracted to guys instead of being attracted to girls. It was the most frightening of experiances.

Nothing but good fortune has brought me through to the present time.

My heart goes out to those guys who do not have have such good fortune.

Sometimes I felt as though I had a mark on me that set me apart from NORMAL guys and that this mark signified that I was gay, and that it was there on my forehead, for example, for all the world to see.

For those guys who live in the shadows and for those guys who live in fear and for those guys who live a life empty of love.......hang on. In the blink of an eye life can turn everything upside down. Where there was nothing but despair there is hope, and where there is hope there is the world to live for.

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See Video in

jake t austin
Views: 143 · Added: 85 days ago

once again i have to ask my gbt friends for help. is there anyone out there who could find pics of him in the series "the fosters" ? i would really appreceiate it.

Nude Beach
Views: 353 · Added: 85 days ago

Have any of you been to a nude beach before?

Im thinking of going to one with an older guy here in Toronto.... just worried about getting hard though :S

Commencer un blog à 113 ans !?!
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Monday Morning Thought
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